Friday, 29 February 2008

Part of it

These ranges of t-shirts and tote bags have been designed for some charities chosen by the artists. If you buy these products through the Part of it website, the money goes to these causes. I've chosen the WWF because I feel ecological issues are more important than anything.

Just Want To Be Loved

Laurent&Lewis's new track is just perfect house music. It's now out on Cherry Juice records. Record cover artwork created by the most icelandic French graphic designer Pierre Marly.

Troll workshop at Transplant (Norway)

Transplant is a new place (“a platform”) located in Norway, in a fjord, I haven't been there yet but from what I've seen in the brochure you can download on the website, it just seems fantastic. I'm going to hold a workshop there in June 20. About trolls. I'm looking forward to it.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

I love the Shadoks (created by Jacques Rouxel)

Some informations here on Wikipedia.

“Narcisse” by Domestic

The French design company Domestic has released “Smoooch”, a 1 meter high mirror that you can simply stick on the wall.

Interview in Graphic #12

Graphic issue 12 contains a 8 pages article on my work with a long interview with Richard Brereton and many photos.

Food Chain at Mu - interview by Robert Andriessen

Food Chain at Mu (Eindhoven)

One week to go to see the Food Chain show at the Mu gallery in the Netherlands! Wall paintings, large posters, installations, animations: all unpublished works, don't miss it. You may regret it. 

Day trip to London

Yesterday, I went to Lonfon to meet Greg Burne at Big Active. Greg suggested me to create a blog. Done! I'm always impressed by London's energy and dynamism, Paris looks very sleepy in comparison.